What is PopResearch?

Pop is a fully automated DIY research platform designed with advertisers needs in mind.

Who is behind PopResearch?

Pop was born of two organizations: db5 the quantitative research agency and Critical Mix the sample and research management company.

Where does PopResearch get the sample?

Pop sources its sample via Critical Mix.

Can I trust PopResearch’s sample?

Pop is proud to be in partnership with True Sample to ensure that we deliver the highest level possible of independently verified data quality and fraud protection.

Which methodologies does PopResearch use?

Pop uses the classic copy testing and tracking methodologies used by 90% of the research industry. These methodologies have been updated to reflect the best of the latest new thinking on brands and advertising.

Which countries can PopResearch recruit from?

Pop prides itself on being able to recruit anyone in any country.

Can I get the raw data from my research?

Yes! Get in touch, we're here to help.

Can I download my results into PowerPoint?

Yes, PopResearch was designed so that with a single click of your mouse you can export your entire set of charts into a single PowerPoint document. The PowerPoint document will capture all the ‘current’ settings you have made to your charts within your results dashboard, and from there you can edit your slides or reorganize them, write your analysis, and save to other formats (e.g. pdf, Keynote, etc.).

Can I request different cuts of the data?

Yes! Get in touch, we’re here to help.

Can anyone else see my data or results?

No! Your results, data and information are strictly private. Please refer to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service for more information.